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Past Achievements

Please find here a brief summary about projects, which we managed in the more recent past (latest first):

  • Expandation of our trade and leasing company in South Africa; procurement B737-300 / -400 / A330-200
  • Hajj 2024 support for tour operators in Nigeria, Malaysia and Indonesia; acquisition of aircraft for charter and ACMI (B777 / A330)
  • Strategic planning / business plan for a start-up airline in South Africa
  • Procurement assistance for B737-800 for an airline in Nigeria.
  • Procurement assistance for a family office for a Dassault 7X in the Middle East
  • Hajj 2023 support for 3 Asian travel companies and 2 African countries; acquisition of aircraft for charter and ACMI (B777 / A330 / A320)
  • Several special transport missions: design and supervision of logistical tasks, also aircraft spare parts and aircraft to / from South America, Russia and other GUS states, and the MENA region.
  • Acquisition of spare parts and aircraft for 2 airlines in the ME region
  • Hajj 2022 support for 2 Asian travel companies and 3 African countries. Acquisition of aircraft for charter and ACMI. |
  • Pandemic support for an African airline to bridge the medium-term economic consequences of the global pandemic. Development of a survival strategy. Acquisition of orders in the field of air freight.
  • Hajj 2019 support for 3 African countires and a ME tour operator (B777 / A330 / B767) | 
  • Several special transport missions: design and supervision South America and MENA to Europe
  • Procurement support for a Dassault Falcon 7X
  • Procurement support VVIP Jet leasing for an African government
  • Procurement support and upgrade supervision of a Dassault Falcon 900LX
  • Investor support - Restructuring airline in SE Asia
  • Start-up consulting for a national airline for an African government.
  • Hajj 2018 support for 5 African countries (government / tour operator) |
  • Strategy consulting for an Indian LCC
  • Procurement consulting for an Airbus A320 for an operator from ME
  • Special transport projects in South America and Africa 
  • Hajj 2017 support for 3 African Hajj operators |
  • Procurement and upgrade supervision of a Dassault Falcon 900EX easy
  • Restructuring Strategy & tactical BP concept for an Easter European carrier
  • Procurement of 2x A320 and 2x B737-800 for airlines in Africa and Asia
  • Hajj 2016 support for 3 African hajj operators |
  • BP re-design for an african national airline
  • Strategy design for a national airline in the MENA region
  • Aircraft procurement project MENA region
  • Hajj 2015 support for 2 African and one Asian hajj operator |
  • Aircraft procurement for an East African airline
  • Hajj 2014 support for an African government and an Indonesian hajj operator |
  • CI for a European Leasing Company
  • Strategy formulation and tactics realization project for an African airline
  • Aircraft procurement project for a MENA region airline
  • Opportunities study for the provision of a fuel hedge strategy for an asian airline.
  • Cost reduction project for an Indian airline
  • Feasibility study for a South East Asian LCC Project
  • Hajj 2013 support for an African government |
  • Airline strategy advice for the shareholder of an African Airline
  • Strategy development for an African airline
  • Umrah 2012 support for an African government
  • Fuel Hedge Strategy for a Russian airline
  • Business Plan development for an airline in Iraq.
  • Strategy analysis of a major African airline.
  • Restructioring concept for a North-African airline
  • Management support for an airline in the Middle East
  • Hajj 2011 support for an African government
  • Restructuring project for a Middle east airline
  • Hajj 2010 support for an African government
  • Fleet sales project for a European aircraft owner
  • EU AOC Start-Up support
  • Hajj 2009 fleet support for an African government
  • Feasibility study for network and fleet expansion for an African airline
  • Restructuring Project for a European Airline including a Financial concept
  • Expert opinion about an European business airport 
  • On behalf of an investment fund, ADAVCO monitored the developments of an European. airline by providing weekly industry intelligence updates and modeling various scenarios for the airline
  • Business Planning and fleet realisation for an African Start-Up
  • Financial concept (Currency risk minimisation / fuel hedging) and realisation for a European airline
  • European VLJ Market Study
  • Expert opinion about a service product for a Middle East Airline
  • Sale support for a narrow body fleet
  • Hajj 2006/2007/2008 fleet planning realisation for 2 African governments
  • Business Plannig for a Middle East Start-Up
  • Strategy formulation for an African cargo airline
  • Route development project for a South European airline
  • Interim Management for a re-organisation project of a South American airline
  • Fleet planning and realisation project for an African flag carrier
  • Design and product inauguration of an European Express Airfreight Airline
  • Negotiations of ACMI and Charter-contracts on behalf of airlines, freight forwarders and tour operators
  • Market positioning and penetration of an European Business-jet operator
  • Route evaluation and design of a marketing concept for an European airline
  • Feasibilitystudy / Risk-analysis and set-up of an air cargo connection between Europe and China
  • Buyer consultation and negotiations on the buyers behalf for the procurement of a fleet of B737
  • Several short-term air freight projects: Consultation and evaluation during the purchase process and supervision during the operation.

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For the confident nature of our services and data privacy ADAVCO is not allowed to reveal the names of its customers in order to use them as references. On special request ADAVCO will, however, endeavour to obtain appropriate permission. 

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